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The set of solutions of the ACODI®’s range is designed to organize an external thermal insulation composite system system consisting of wall cladding with ventilated-air layer (Air layer which is circulated between the facades elements and insulation and with the outside upper and lower part.)


This design provides significant economic and environmental benefits:

  • Weather protection
  • Regulation of Building moisture content
  • Reduction of structural thermal bridges
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Sustainable patrimony value
  • Improvement sound insulation


This helps to improve the energy performance of new buildings within the targets set by the RT 2012, the RAGE and other labels such as BBC (Low Consumption Building), HPE (High Energy Performance) and for renovation projects. .
Our solutions can contribute effectively to the complex ranking reVETIR implemented (Special edition 2929 CSTB).

3 ranges that meet all configurations


ALLURE, laying by hooking

  • SANAGA® System® hung on adjustable axes
  • NARVA System® hung on fixed axes
  • OURAL System® hung on brackets
  • LATCHA System® hung on rack
  • BAÏKAL System® Specific system

Gamme Allure


HORIZON, Laying by fitment

  • BORNEO System® interlocking modules with sections
  • JAVA System® interlocking modules with clips
  • MILO System® interlocking blades with inlays
  • PAROS System® interlocking modules fixing screw
  • CAPRI System® Specific system

Gamme Horizon


AMBITION, laying by front mounting

  • NEPTUNE System® folded, set in hollow seal bottom
  • CAPELLA System® folded
  • POLARIS System® lay flat
  • PLUTON System® specific system

Gamme Ambition